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92-078 RETevet

The RETevet™ Device is Transforming Eye Care for Animals of all Species

The RETevet™ device offers an intuitive interface that allows veterinary ophthalmologists and researchers to perform electroretinograms (ERGs) to measure various animal’s retinal function. The built-in infrared camera allows doctors to see the eye in real-time during testing, and the internal photometer offers self calibration before every test – ensuring fast, accurate, and repeatable results the first time and every time. Low noise and free from cell-phone interference, meaning less re-testing is needed, making the process fast and reliable.

Since the device is FDA cleared for human use, safety and efficacy is assured to keep animals safe and protected.

What's included?

  • RETevet Device
  • 1 Needle electrode
  • 1 Animal contact electrode
  • 1 Adapter Cable for DIN electrodes
  • Docking Station
  • USB Connector
  • Power Kit (Includes power cord, and five different power adapters)

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