RETeval Carrying Case

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RETeval / RETevet Carrying Case

Provides a convenient way to carry the RETeval or RETevetdevice between testing locations. Everything needed for up to 50 tests is held in a small, durable case with dedicated cushioned compartments.

The Carrying Case’s custom foam cushioning is constructed of special non-shedding foam to help keep the device optics and ganzfeld bowl dust and lint free.

The RETeval Carrying Case will hold:
  • RETeval or RETevet Device
  • Device Docking Station (for charging)
  • AC adapter (for charging)
  • Electrode connecting cable, power and USB cable
  • One box of 50 LKC Sensor Strip electrodes
Handling Single comfortable handle
Security Locking clasp with key
Width 12.4″ (315 mm)
Depth 9.0″ (230 mm)
Height 5.5″ (140 mm)
Weight (empty)   2.3 lb (1,05 kg)
Weight (full) 4.3 lb (1,95 kg)