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The RETeval® device is opening up access to functional information through visual electrophysiology testing in a whole new way. The device is the first completely portable, handheld, comprehensive full field flash ERG and VEP testing device for medical professionals. Get the full picture of patient eye health with testing that provides objective and functional information you didn’t have or could not get before – leading to better patient care and outcomes. See what you’ve been missing when you only look at an image of the eye, and start getting the full picture with the RETeval device.

The RETeval Flicker device measures flicker implicit time quickly and accurately by flashing light into the patient’s eye and measuring the time delay (implicit time) and amplitude of the retina’s electrical response as detected on the skin below the eye. The device’s patented technology enables measurements without dilating eye drops using real-time pupil size compensation and uses skin electrodes (Sensor Strips). The entire testing process for one patient should take less than 5 minutes.

This device is only compatible with LKC Sensor Strips.

What's included?

  • RETeval Device
  • A box of 50 RETeval Sensor Strips
  • Sensor Strip Lead
  • A 25 g. bottle of NuPrep
  • Docking Station
  • USB Connector
  • Power Kit (Includes power cord, and five different power adapters)

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